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Making a full-time income from music is hard

The average income for an artist with an independent label is £20k*.

  • Most artists have to self-fund and it's expensive, especially covering studio costs

  • Deals with labels and publishers are hard to come by and take ownership of the songs and recordings


Colour Sound can help

We will record and release your first track on streaming services through the Colour Sound platform.

Our platform provides a way for you to keep ownership of your songs and recordings.

You get support from your fans and can share the streaming income with them.

How it works

We provide funding for the production of your tracks so you can release them online and get your music out there. 

You get to share your streaming income with fans who believe in your talent and want to help you succeed.

Selection process

We will contact you and arrange an audition video which will be submitted to a professional panel of recording engineers and they'll decide who they want to work with based on certain criteria.

If selected, you'll be supported by a team of people who truly believe in your potential and are eager to help you succeed. With their expertise, they'll work directly with you to make your music sound amazing.


Recording your track

Decoy Studios ( will be used to record and mix the track in Stereo and Dolby Immersive Sound.

There are no upfront costs for you to worry about. The production and release will be fully funded by Colour Sound. These costs will be recouped before any income distribution.

Once the tracks are ready, they'll be released online for the world to hear.


Promoting your track

When your track is live on our platform, you can share your page with your followers and fans, and invite them to support you in a unique way.

They can purchase music tokens, which will give them a stake in your streaming platform income.

Not only will you be able to connect with your fans on a deeper level, but you'll also receive financial support as your music reaches more listeners. It's a win-win for everyone!


Getting paid

Your supporters play a crucial role in your success. The funds they raise will be applied towards production costs, effectively reducing the time it takes to recoup those expenses.

And that's not all - any surplus funds on each track will be paid to you as an advance on your earnings. Or you can choose to put it towards another track.

Screenshot 2023-02-20 at 10.06.46.png

Who are we looking for?

Excellent original material

We're seeking artists who craft tracks that are not only unique and original, but also captivating and memorable. Whether it's powerful lyrics, or emotive melodies, we want to help artists who have the ability to create music that stands out from the crowd

Large social media following

Your success on Colour Sound starts with having a strong following. We're seeking artists with over 25,000 followers across all platforms. This shows that you have a dedicated audience who is passionate about your music and ready to support you.

Strong work ethic

Success in this field requires dedication, perseverance, and a never-give-up attitude.

We want to work with artists who are committed to the craft, and always striving to improve.

Frequently asked questions

How do you get to work with us?

Our working relationship is important to us. We will invite you to visit either Decoy or Hamford Studio, dependant on availability, to shoot a live video performance and chat through your plans. One of our team will show the video and support your application to the Colour Sound team. If successful you will be invited to Decoy Studios to record a track and agree a deal.

What would I get?

We will work with you to record one track which will be mixed in stereo and Dolby Atmos. You don't pay anything upfront for this. A budget will be agreed for the work and this will be recovered from streaming income before payout. Once released will will offer record tokens, for this track, to backers and fans. For example if production costs were £4,000 and 100 supporters pai £50 per token then a token would receive 0.25% of the income or alternatively 500 supporters could pay £10 for .05%. This would cover the costs and provide £1,000 to the artist. As the artist grows their following the price for future tracks may increase providing more advance for the artist. 75% of the track tokens go to the artist, who can then offer 25% to be purchased by supporters. 5% go to the producer and 20% to Colour Sound.

What are the main points of the contract?

You have a separate contract for each track and the deal just covers streaming income from that track. Ownership of the recording remains with you the artist. Our contract enables us to collect and distribute income on your behalf. The contract fixes the % of income, the life of the token, typically 25 years, and the right for the track token to be sold. The contract is delivered via blockchain and smart contract technology to all track token holders in hard currency.

What happens if the backing doesn’t cover the studio costs?

On the first track Colour Sound covers the risk. You have to pay nothing and we retain the 25% backers recording tokens. So you still get 50% of the streaming income. If the track doesn’t produce streaming income we both lose out.

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