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How it works

You can help a local act you love gain a following or help a young artist achieve their dream.  

Take part in their journey!

Find an artist you love

We have a panel of professional recording engineers who look for unique artists and help them record their tracks to make their music sound amazing.

When their track is live on the platform and all the streaming services, you can find them on the Colour Sound platform and support them by buying music tokens. These give you a stake of their streaming platform income.


Promoting the track

The more successful an artist becomes, the quicker and more rewards you'll see so share it with your friends.


You'll be crucial to their success!


Getting rewarded

The funds you and other supporters raise will be applied towards production costs and reduce the time to recoup the expenses.

If the artists breaks - as long as you hold the token - you will receive a share of streaming income.



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