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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you get to work with us?

Our working relationship is important to us. We will invite you to visit either Decoy or Hamford Studio, dependant on availability, to shoot a live video performance and chat through your plans. One of our team will show the video and support your application to the Colour Sound team. If successful you will be invited to Decoy Studios to record a track and agree a deal.

What would I get?

We will work with you to record one track which will be mixed in stereo and Dolby Atmos. You don’t pay anything for this. A budget will be agreed for the work and this will be recovered from streaming income before payout. Once released will will offer record tokens, for this track, to backers and fans. Income will cover production costs first and any excess will be paid to you. You share the streaming income from this track 50% to you, 25% to your backers, 5% to the Producer and 20% to Colour Sound.

When would I get paid?

After costs have been met by income either from token sales or streaming income you start earning. As soon as token income exceeds costs you get token income. Our system will also collect and distribute royalties to the song writer. Currently streaming platforms pay out either monthly or quarterly.

What happens if the backing doesn’t cover the studio costs?

On the first track Colour Sound covers the risk. You have to pay nothing and we retain the 25% backers recording tokens. So you still get 50% of the streaming income. If then track doesn’t produce streaming income we both loose out.

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