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Ever wish you could support artists you love and get rewarded for it?

With Colour Sound you can

Innovative, fair funding for artists with Colour Sound

  • We provide a way for artists to gain funding and support for their work

  • We give you the opportunity to share in the success of an artist you love


Why fund this way?

The streaming music industry has several issues that are a concern for independent and DIY artists. 


Artists only earn a small percentage.


Songwriters don't always retain the rights to their creations.

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It's expensive to record using the technology platforms require.

This innovative approach supports emerging artists by providing funding for online track production and income sharing with followers, enabling you to be part of their success.

Find an artist you love

We have a panel of professional recording engineers who look for unique artists and help them record their tracks to make their music sound amazing.

We cover the production costs for artists, at an agreed cost. 

Once their track is released on the platform and all streaming services, you can back them by buying track tokens. The generated income from that support covers initial production costs and the rest goes to the artist.


Promoting the track

The more track tokens are sold, the quicker production costs are recouped and the artist can start earning.


You'll be crucial to their success!


Getting paid

The artist decides what proportion of the track tokens to share with fans - we recommend 25%.


When their track starts earning streaming income, they will get 50%, you and the other fans get 25%, the producer gets 5% and we get 20%.

If the artists breaks - as long as you hold the token - you will receive a share of streaming income.

Colour Sound will distribute income via blockchain and smart contract technology to all track token holders, with an option to pay out in hard currency

Frequently asked questions for funders

What does the contract include?

You have a separate contract for each track and the deal just covers streaming income from that track. Ownership of the recording remains with the artist. Our contract enables us to collect and distribute income on behalf of the artist. The contract fixes the % of income, the life of the token, typically 25 years, and the right for the track token to be sold. The contract is delivered via blockchain and smart contract technology to all track token holders in hard currency.

How are artists selected?

Our team are seeking talented artists and will contact them to meet and potentially record an audition video. This will be submitted to a panel of professional producers and recording engineers and they’ll decide who they want to work with based on certain criteria. If selected, they will be supported by a team of people who truly believe in their potential and are eager to help them succeed. With their expertise, they'll work directly with them to make their music sound amazing. Decoy Studios will be used to record and mix the tracks in Stereo and Dolby Immersive Sound.

Can I suggest artists?

Yes providing they meet our criteria:- Excellent original material Large social media following . Artists with over 25,000 followers across all platforms. Strong work ethic and driven to succeed.

How much do tokens cost?

Production costs are agreed with the artist prior to contract and they will then decide what % they wish to offer to supporters. One of the key objectives is to share the artists success with as many supporters as possible. We would suggest they offer 25% to supporters. For example if production and distribution costs were £4,000 and 500 supporters paid £10 per token then a token would receive 0.05% of the income. This would cover the costs and provide £1,000 to the artist. As the artist grows their following the price for future tracks may increase providing more advance income for the artist.

How does it work for song writers?

Often the song writer may be the artist and then they could choose whether they wish to include song writing royalties in a separate song token. Colour Sound will not offer this initially. However the recording will be coded so that PRS royalties can be attributed to the streaming income and distributed.



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